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Clipa - Instant Handbag Hanger

Clipa is the ingenious purse hanger that keeps your purse off the ground.  Simply clip it to your handbag strap and leave it there.  Whenever you need to hang your bag, open either end of the Clipa.  It instantly hooks onto table edges, chairs, doors, rails and carts.
Use it in restaurants, outdoor cafes, restrooms and more.  Great for diaper changing stations.  Works with single or double strap bags.
Available in three colors: gold, silver, hematite and copper (The color copper was introduced in 2019)
Holds up to 25 lbs.

A lifesaver in the bathroom when a bag hook is missing - simply hang on a grab bar or door!  Just keep an eye on your bag since it is not an anti-theft device.


Clipa is the only purse hanger with one-handed convenience that allows you to just "grab and go" thanks to its patent-pending clip system.  Use It Once and Get Hooked for Life!


Clipa goes "on" your bag.  Decorative and functional.